Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to view some pics.

So needless to say I´ve had some difficulty sharing pictures due to various mobile device and connectivity limitations. I have however been able to upload forty pics to a flickr account that I will try to share now. Here´s a link to the first pic: Folks should be able to view the others on the account as well since they´re set to public.  Let me know if you view them with success! Thanks!


  1. success!
    your photos are unbelievably beautiful.
    some of them look fake they're that good.
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice! Thanks for letting me know Mols! Can you believe I took all those pics on my iphone? It´s coming in pretty handy despite the fact that I can´t use it as a phone.

  3. Really amazing Vine! Unlike anything I've ever seen. LOVE that all the pictures are taken with your iphone-hell yeah!! Keep 'em coming! Handstand-rad!

  4. Great photos! Yes, the amazing iphone, ask Sean about it.